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seo power suite review-Rank Tracker, Seo Spyglass, link assistant, auditor


In online Marketing SEO plays a key role in the generation of traffic and getting better search results in search Engines. But this is not an easy task. It includes various strategies and efforts to get better results.   This is also a somewhat time-consuming process. There is a lot of technical analysis, effective competitive analysis, keyword analysis is needed to make your website rank in the top results.  So to simply all the process  SEO Power Suite came to existence. So in this blog, I am going to provide an honest SEO power suite review and which helps your online business grow faster and smoother


Seo Power Suite is a set of 4 tools which makes to optimize your website in every aspect like keywords research, rankings, backlinks, on-page, off-page, mobile SEO, social media, analytics, and many more. Now let’s look at each of them in detail

Seo Power Suite Review 

seo power suite review

Rank Tracker

Rank tracking is very much essential for every online business. Why because, By rank tracking, we can able to compare our website ranking with competitor websites.  Now coming to Rank Tracker Tool, It is a powerful tool that lets you track your rankings for specific keywords.

By using this Rank Tracker tool, you can get accurate ranking data for your SEO Campaigns. You can also be able to track your rankings from different search engines like Google, Bing, and 327 more search engines. Here using this tool, you can be able to track your ranking over 10 competitor websites. In this way, you can be able to compare your website ranking with other competitor websites rankings globally. It is also possible to check your rankings for your website images, videos, and news too.

Another advantage of this tool is you can able to track local search ranking for particular keywords in different parts of the world. This tool makes you analyze, whether your website is moved up or down in rankings based on the previous data. All this you can view through graphical representations. In this way, you can be able to compare current ranking data with previous ranking data too

This Rank tracker can able to track the best results from 18 keyword suggestion tools like Google keyword planner,  Semrush, Wordtracker, etc. Simply It means that, by using this single tool, you can able to get the best keyword suggestions from more than 18 + keyword research tools. Using this tool, You can be able to find KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index), competition, and other crucial metrics for a particular keyword.Later you can able to print the reports in your favorite languages. You can able to send the reports to an email or upload reports to your website too. There is also a special option to schedule the reports according to your comfort time and date


Among the 4 tools in the SEO power suite,  The best tool which most of the SEO experts prefer is  SEO SPY Glass. Let’s look at why it is so special and what are the features of Seo Spyglass.  Seo spyglass has various options and features to research your competitors. We can simply spy on your competitor’s website and find the strategies which they implement for their website. In this way, you can also replicate the same strategy and improve your website performance.

SEO SPY Glass is a smart way for a powerful Backlink Audit of your competitor websites. It helps to crack the strategy followed by your competitor. Along with that, you can be able to find more than 50+ link quality factors. there is also possible to perform Anti-Penality Audit and effective competitor research. later It is easy to get generate backlink reports for your SEO.  We can know each of the terms in depth.

Backlink Audit

Backlink Audit is very important for any website because backlinks play a key role in search engine ranking. So getting quality backlinks is very important for your website. Some of the quality factors include domain authority, domain rating, page authority, trust flow, citation flow, etc are important quality factors in backlinks. So by considering all these factors and research it will take a lot of time to get quality backlinks.  So to simplify all these processes, Seo spyglass can take a major role in backlink audit

By using the Seo SpyGlass tool, you can able to audit the backlinks of your competitor. You simply add your competitor’s website to the list and track the backlinks of your competitor. Try to implement those backlinks to your own website. Thus this will bring improve the performance of the search engine ranking.


Anti Penalty Audit

Getting the link is very important but getting the link from a Spammy website will affect your SEO rankings. Search engines Panalyze the website from harmful links. It will impact negative SEO too.  By using SEO Spyglass lets you detect harmful links and Spammy website links. Thus SEO POWER GLASS will protect your website with an Anti-Penality link audit

By the use of this anti penalty audit, It will check the link quality against exact factors used by google, bing, and various search engines It simply spots the harmful links to your websites effectively. It clearly shows risk factors and gives suggestions to improve your website performance effectively. It is better to audit your website frequently and make necessary changes. Thus you can neutralize the penalty links to your website


Deep Quality Analysis

Getting a quality link is very important than getting a normal link. Let me tell some example if suppose you get the backlink from 50+  DA but the website has less quality. Similarly, if you get backlinks from 30+ DA with high quality. Google gives priority to 30+ DA only. Because of quality backlink. That’s why quality backlink is very important.

According to Google, there are more than 150+ quality factors. Some of the quality factors are domain age, authority, Alexa traffic rank, Social signals, anchor texts, and keywords, etc are very prominent. By using the Seo SpyGlass tool, it will check for more than 50+ quality factors. In this way, you can try for high-quality links to your website.


Link Assistant

Link building is very essential to rank your website in search engines. By using SEO Spyglass link building tool, you can be able to analyze 5 of your competitor websites at a time. You can be able to track your competitor’s backlinks for an individual page or the entire website.

Using Seo spyglass you can able to analyze 5 of your competitor websites. It Provides professional backlink building reports, you can even print and share the reports with colleagues or clients it is possible to brand the reports with the company logo and with your favorite colors. You can even make what data to include in the reports. Here are some of the data reports to include are below

  • Determines the link quality for each of the domain
  • A full list of do-follow and no-follow is shown
  • Social media signals for each page list are provided
  • This tool helps to shows how much traffic for each link brings
  • Get a detailed side-by-side comparison of competitor websites to link profiles
  • Shows the contact info for websites where you can request a backlink for your site

WebSite Auditor

A website audit is very much important for any Website. Because Website audit makes to scan an entire website and makes your site improve performance. A website audit can be done frequently to minimize SEO errors and improve your website performance in the ranking. Website audit checks every resource like page speed, HTML, CSS, Javascript, flash, images, videos, internal links, broken links.

Seo power suite website auditor makes you crawl the entire website including robots.txt and sitemap. along with that it also checks the page title, meta description, image optimization, alt text, heading tags, etc. It will show important suggestions to improve your website.

SEO power suite review : Conclusion:

Finally, this Seo power suite is 100% search engine safe and friendly. This tool saves hours of your time by auditing, analyzing, providing important suggestions to improve your website ranking and increase SEO score. Seo Powersuite is generally helpful for new bloggers and those who are looking for generating more traffic through SEO. I hope you enjoyed reading the honest SEO power suite review 

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Christmas Commission Bundle Review ~ [Don’t] purchase this Bundle!

Welcome to my Christmas Commission Bundle Review. I am Raju Bhadra an Affiliate Marketer(Clickbank, JVZoo), YouTube Influencer (Raju Bhadra) and a Professional Review Writer of various make money related methods, software, and training programs. As a Beta Tester, Today I am going to share my honest opinion about the ‘Christmas Commission Bundle‘ software package that recently revealed by Glynn Kosky. According to the vendor ‘Christmas Commission Bundle’ provides 15 top software in 2020 with the biggest bonus package. Don’t take action before completing my honest review.

Content of Christmas Commission Bundle Review – Christmas Commission Bundle Review

  • Summary of Christmas Commission Bundle
  • What Is Christmas Commission Bundle?
  • Top 17 Bade Side of Christmas Commission Bundle
  • Does It Help to Make Multiple Income Streams?
  • Are There Any Proven Traffic Sources?
  • What’re The Benefits of the Christmas Commission Bundle?
  • Does Comparisites Worth to Buy & Is It Risk-Free?
  • Why You Should Choose My No #1 Recommendation
  • My Final Opinion
  • My No #1 Recommendation

Summary of Christmas Commission Bundle? Christmas Commission Bundle Review

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Vendor: Glynn Kosky

Product: Christmas Commission Bundle

Price: $17 (Front End) [Doesn’t Worth]

Niche: Software

Recommendation: Highly NOT Recommend! [Don’t Waste Money & Time]

My Personal Rating: 2.4/10

My No #1 Recommendation: 6-Figure Business Model ($10,000/month)

What Is Christmas Commission Bundle?

Christmas Commission Bundle is a package of 15 products of Glynn Kosky. You’ll get all these 15 best products for the price of one time. It’s a massive opportunity to grab all the best products of this vendor. With this bundle, you also get the biggest bonus package ever. It’s time to celebrate.

[NOTE: Read Full Review Before Buying It]

Top 17 Bade Side of Christmas Commission Bundle

  1. -> ‘Christmas Commission Bundle’ is not PROVEN & TESTED, a software bundle for getting online success.
  2. -> This is not the biggest software bundle for getting results.
  3. -> Christmas Commission Bundle is full of 15 SCAM software.
  4. -> 15+ automated software is not enough to get online success, because the software can’t generate traffic, leads, and sales.
  5. -> This can’t be a BIG deal for multiple income streams in any niche.
  6. -> No software can provide unlimited, untapped 24/7 traffic stream.
  7. -> Inside this bundle, there are no traffic sources, proven methods, or training.
  8. -> Choosing this bundle you can’t make 2021 the most profitable year.
  9. -> A lot of ERRORS inside this Christmas Commission Bundle software bundle, it doesn’t worth buying.
  10. -> This type of fake promising software releases daily in the WrarriorPlus marketplace. So, it’s not saturation proof software.
  11. -> Using any software NO one can earn passive income at their sleeping time.
  12. -> If you want to run your online business for a lifetime then FORGET any SCAM software first.
  13. -> Glynn Kosky releases 2/3 products per month. If his product/software works for making money then why he releases 2/3 products per month? I don’t believe his fake claims.
  14. -> Christmas Commission Bundle software package never provides you a 6-figure laptop lifestyle.
  15. -> This is not an Unbeatable combination of simplicity and next-level income potential.
  16. -> All 6 upgrades/OTO’s are also mandatory for getting full features of this product.
  17. -> Christmas Commission Bundle software bundle doesn’t worth the price($17) for this front-end one.

Highly Not Recommended anyone to buy this bundle. It’s not a workable software package, it’s for making you a fool.

I Have Few Questions to You…

Christmas Commission Bundle Review
Christmas Commission Bundle Review

– Do you want to earn money from Affiliate Marketing for LIFETIME?

– Do you want a PROVEN & SOLID online business model?

– And want to get High-Ticket Affiliate Commission EVERY DAY?

– Do you want to RUN your online business for a lifetime?

– Finally, Do you want to STOP your struggling?

If all of your answers are ‘YES’

Start Your Affiliate Marketing Journey As A Beginner And Run For Being A 6-Figure Marketer. Join The Masterclass Training Right Now >>>

Christmas Commission Bundle Review

Does It Help to Make Multiple Income Streams?

NO. There is no chance to do it. If you want to make multiple income streams then you have to grow multiple traffic sources. These 15 software bundle never helps you to get single traffic. Nut if you see the sales page of this software then you can see a lot of FAKE claims. Such as, you can make money within 24 hours, get free traffic in 1-click, that software works in just 3 steps, etc. But all these software are 100% SCAM. Using any software you never make multiple income streams. This software releases only for making money by this vendor. If you buy this software bundle and apply it to make money online then you never get any results from it. You just lose your time and money and energy.

If you really want to start multiple incomes then at first try to learn online marketing. If you don’t learn online marketing and buy this type of software then you never can do it. A lot of proven educational training programs are available on the internet. You can easily join any of the training programs and learn online marketing. Basically, this training program will help you to grow your traffic sources and various marketing strategies. It’s the perfect way to learn online marketing. After that day by day, you can grow your various traffic sources and make multiple income sources.

If you are a beginner or broke marketer then, I honestly suggest you don’t use any software for making multiple income streams. You never make a single dollar online if you depended on any software. Try to learn online marketing first then day by day you can earn multiple incomes. Online marketing is not an OVERNIGHT success program. You have to wait for getting massive success.

Are There Any Proven Traffic Sources?

Traffic is the main element of online success. If you have traffic then you can make sales and earn commissions. Otherwise, you never generate a single sales. Most of the newbie marketers and greedy marketers want to get quick results for reasons they depended on various software like all these SCAM software bundles. They think this type of software can help them to drive traffic and makes sales. But they don’t know software can’t do it. This type of software claims that it provides built-in traffic, create 1-click to affiliate sites, generate unlimited traffic in 60 seconds, etc. It’s 100% FAKE claims. No software can do it. If software can generate traffic then why people build websites, make YouTube videos, run various paid ad campaigns? It’s a simple sense.

Actually, if you want to generate traffic for your online marketing then you have to choose the right ways. Buying any software or choosing any bulky system isn’t the right way to generate traffic. You have to generate targeted traffic for making online sales. Now if you can ask, what’re the right ways.? At the first, I want to say, If you want to generate free traffic then you have to wait a few months to grow it, Now, let me say, building a website and make YouTube videos are the best ways to get unlimited free traffic. Then you can grow various social platforms, answer Quora questions, etc. Now, if you want to get instant traffic then you can run Facebook ads, Google ads, Youtube stream ads, or you can buy solo ads, etc.

After all, these SCAM software are not your perfect traffic solutions. You can’t generate traffic using any software and without traffic, you are totally ZERO.

What’re The Benefits of the Christmas Commission Bundle?

Honestly, I don’t see any benefits of this Christmas Commission Bundle. If you think by the one-time price you can get 15 software and this software helps you to generate multiple incomes then you are totally wrong. All these software are 100% SCAM. If you check all these software inside Glynn Kosky’s profile then you can see most of the software refund over 50%. Now, say how can this software help you to get traffic, leads, sales, and commissions? There are no reasons to choose this Christmas Commission Bundle. You just lose your 17 bucks without any benefit. Then if you want to apply this software then you can realize how much error inside this software. Then you have to buy other upgrades for getting the full features of this software.

If you are a newbie marketer or broke marketer then don’t need to believe his fake claims. This type of software every day release in the Warriorplus marketplace. 98% of these types of software are SCAM. I highly not recommend this software to anyone who wants to earn serious money online.

Does Christmas Commission Bundle Worth to Buy & Is It Risk-Free?

I highly not recommend this product to anyone. ‘Christmas Commission Bundle’ doesn’t worth buying. When you buy this front-end software bundle for $17 you just get some outline of the software. But if you want to get all the features then you have to buy all the other 6 upsell. And by the end, your results will be a BIG zero. You just lose 40+ days and 500+ dollars behind the scam software. But if you want to learn online marketing for a lifetime then you can join any mastermind training program for less than this amount. So, I can loudly say it, Christmas Commission Bundle doesn’t worth buying.

I honestly suggest you, If you want to learn affiliate marketing, want to get a big affiliate commission, and run your online business for a lifetime then you must need a proven training program that can help you to learn from ZERO to a SUPER AFFILIATE. It’s for anyone. (JOIN HERE NOW) The no #1 business mode ate the present time.

Christmas Commission Bundle Review

Why You Should Choose My No #1 Recommendation:

  1. Christmas Commission Bundle is a bundle of 15 SCAM software that allows you to make multiple income streams. Then make your 2021 a profitable year, but it’s NOT WORKABLE software. Now, my no #1 recommendation is a renowned Training Program of AFFILIATE MARKETING. This will teach you ‘where you can start your online business and how it’ll run for a lifetime’.
  2. My no, #1 recommendation is a high-ticket program you can earn $1,000 by a sale.
  3. It’s a newbie-friendly training course for any kind of marketer newbie or an experienced marketer.
  4. It’s a proven training program of affiliate marketing already hundreds of marketers have made thousands and thousands of dollars using this training program.
  5. You can start here for just $7 when Christmas Commission Bundle needs $17 to buy.

My Final Opinion: Christmas Commission Bundle Review

Finally, I want to say don’t depend on this software bundle for your online business. You never run your business for a lifetime if you don’t have targeted traffic sources. It doesn’t worth $17 for this front end. This scam software package never calculates your income destination. Day after day this type of fake software releases by various vendors and most of the newbie marketers think it’s a big opportunity to change my bad days, but actually, this type of software never works for anyone.

I can loudly say, it’s NOT RECOMMENDED. This software bundle never provides you financial support for you and your family. So, DON’T BUY this software bundle and don’t waste your time & money on this package. Thanks for reading my Christmas Commission Bundle Review and take the right decision. Thanks.

My No #1 Recommendation:

For Anyone Who Wants To Start A Profitable Online Business But Doesn’t Know Where To Begin


Adspy $75 coupon with Free Trial

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Are you ready to buy Adspy, but just want the highest discount? Then Good news For You we are Offering 50% Discount on Adspy. Read our honest adspy review

AdSpy is one of the advanced ad spying tool packed with several unique features but doesn’t worry as it charges is less than other spying tools. Hence, we can call it a powerful and super affordable tool. In order to make your PPC campaign more effective, you have to track your keywords more than 7 times every day.

so for more information on how adspy will help your business, read our in-depth adspy review below.


Read Our Adspy In-depth honest review at below:-

AdSpy is considered to be one of the most powerful Facebook and Instagram ads Spy Tool. Moreover, when added to the Fb Ad Spying, you get mystified results.


This Ad spying tool aids you in spying and copying the ad campaigns of your competitors. Here you can locate the keywords, discover great deals on different niches and also position your Facebook, Instagram, and Mobile Ad Campaigns effectively.


Features of AdSpy

1. Strengthened Search

By using this feature you can virtually search for any Ad by employing the option of Advanced Filters to give you the best-filtered results.

However, you can search your ads based on:

  • Site type
  • Media Type
  • Ages
  • Seen After
  • Gender
  • Technologies
  • Ad Text
  • Daily Likes
  • Total Likes
  • Networks
  • Affiliate ID
  • Offer ID

Not only this, you can search for the competitor’s Ad by using their Ad Text, URL or even by their Name. The results generated will include the Original Ad in addition to all the supporting details such as Likes, Shares, Comments, Impressions, and Screenshots among the others.

2. Comprehensive Data

Yet another great USP of AdSpy is its comprehensive Ad Database. On a daily basis, the AdSpy traces more than 12 million advertisers. Therefore, with such an extensive data, we can certainly profess that AdSpy hardly skips anything.

But the real fact is that you can get hold of this data, only when you are looking for new and trending products and micro-niches. Although micro spy tools might handle specific hot trending products, to discover highly specific products, of which everyone is unaware, you need to have a far-sighted spy tool.

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3. By Affiliates for Affiliates

It is irrefutable that AdSpy has been developed to attract affiliates. Since affiliates are considered to be the largest market for any spy tool, AdSpy specifically deals with their concerns.

Any affiliate spending on an ad spy tool looks for easy conversion. Therefore, to have the ability to search for Ads by Affiliate Networks is a big advantage. Moreover, you can also look for Affiliate ID or other Offer ID as well. The results generated consist of downloadable formats of the landers, graphics, and redirects. The tool also comprises of Cloakers just to make sure that the searches and the results come to you hassle-free.

4. Pricing of AdSpy

Another fascinating factor this advertisement spying tool is that it is not too expensive. By paying just $149, you can avail all the features of this powerful spy tool for one whole month.

Once you Sign Up with this tool, you will get Free Credits that can be used for Trial. But be cautious because many of the credits are exhausted during the searches and scrolling of the results.

In case you confront any complications while finding what you are exactly looking for, then just go to the Examples Page to discover how to use the Enhanced Basic Search appropriately. Moreover, the AdSpy Support also develops a Customized Search for you, if you generate a request.

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poweradspy coupon with 20% off great discount

Are you ready to buy Poweradspy, but just want the highest discount?

Or are you still on the fence about whether it’s right for you?

I’ve bought the program, used it, and then bought almost every other competing spy products out there. But I am not satisfied with other product.

So Don’t think about whether it’s right for you or not. Because I have done a lot of research and came to know that Poweradspy is best at an affordable price.

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