how to make professional videos for your business

by nikhilnaveen | Last Updated: November 27, 2020

how to make professional videos

Are You’re developing a brand or running an online business. I think you may aware of the power of video marketing. Video marketing is very crucial to promote your business. But how to make professional videos for your business and are what are the best video ad making software. In this article, I am going to reveal important video marketing tips and strategies and the best online video maker for your business.

Here are the best websites professional videos for your business



Vidnami is a professional online video maker software that can make amazing videos within a few clicks. There is no need for any technical knowledge required for video editing at all. Even a school kid can design professional videos for your business too.

Vidnami uses artificial intelligence technology. When users provide their own script, it will convert your own script to a related video. All the video clips seem very relevant to your script. It is also possible to customize your images, video clips effectively. We can also add your own images or logos to the video.


Who can use vidnami and for what purpose ?


Vidnami Bonuses



Here are some of the features of the vidnami



How to make professional videos using Vidnami

To create a professional business video, you need to sign up for vidnami free trial. sign up is very simple. No credit card is required to sign up.

After signup, you need to confirm the mail then you will see the below screen.

welcome to free trial

add a new video to vidnami

Then you need to click on Add a new video, which is shown in the above figure

choose template in vidnami

Later you need to choose a template, there are various type of  videos templates available like content video, influencer video, instant ad, a sales video, course or training video, property video, and finally my custom templates

Select the video template which best fits your business.

For demo purpose, let me choose a template, here I have selected a sales video and picked a real estate template.

Similarly, you choose a template which is suitable for your business or product and then click on use this template


provide details aout your business

After selection of the template, you need to provide the name of the video and provide the script for your video. for reference I have provided the name and description of a business in the above image

Then click on create scenes, wait for a while to load the scenes

creating scenes in vidnami

After that, you can customize the clips and images. You can also search for related images or video clips you want.  You can manually upload the images of your business like the company logo,  images, etc. you can see the previous image for more clarity

preview the video in vidnami

Then you need to choose a voice track to your video.

There are 4 options available  they are

You have to select any of the options

vidnami is a video maker with voice over. It provides an auto voice option which most of them select, there are different vocals sound of both female and male guys. all these sounds are of various countries too. You can preview the sound and add it to your video.


After voice selection is over, you can preview the video. and finally, you can download the video .


You can also check this video for reference


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Get vidnami free trail





 Invideo is one of the best online video maker which can create professional marketing videos for business. It has a variety of features available for easy video making. It has a rich collection of ready-made templates which helps to create promo videos for youtube, Instagram, and Facebook ads, Real estate ads, Digital marketing companies, etc.

Who can use invideo


Invideo can help to promote your brand and very helpful for following categories of people


Some of the essential features of invideo are

Easy to use

Invideo has a variety of elements like stickers, vectors, shapes, and masks which can make your video attractive and looks professional

Stock Libraries

Invideo can give access to 3M+ libraries which includes both images and videos

Easy Customization

Invideo makes you set up your brand first, So It includes to add your company name and logo. You can even highlight the color, background, etc very easily

Export your videos

It makes to export videos in different qualities like 720P, 1080 p, etc. there is a direct share option is available for various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and youtube. You can also preview the video before publish


Different video formats

Users can enable videos in various formats like wide, vertical and square, etc

How to make professional videos using invvideo

First, of all to create a business video you need to signup for invideo  video ad maker software

After  signup, you  have to select any of the options like the Facebook story,  youtube landscape or Instagram  story or etc as shown in the below figure

choose the landscape in invideo

choose the screen ration in invideo

Next, scroll down and pick any of the templates which suit your business. as shown in the above figure.  later you need to choose any of the dimensions. then click use this template

After that, you need to add three fields.

Primarily you have to provide a script, then you need to provide URL and at last, you have to add media like  company logo,  images, etc which is shown below


providing scripts and details to invideo

I have said that to provide a script. because  Invideo uses the script you provide and turns into a professional video. it will automatically select the related images and generates a professional video. along with the script, you need to provide a headline to your video

adding business information to invideo

After completion of three fields, you need to click the button. wait for a while to load the video.

After that, you can see a preview of what work you have done.  Here you can customize your video according to your wish. you can choose any of the music or add your own music to your video. you can also change the images or add your own images too.

customizing images in invideo


After the customization of the video is over, you can preview the video  and choose the video quality either 720p or 1080p, and finally click on export

choosing invideo video quality

Thus you can create a business video for business.

Generally, an Invideo watermark is added to your video. to remove the watermark, you need to upgrade the plan. see the below image for reference

invideo upgrade


you can check this video on how to upgrade invideo for reference.



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Signup for invideo


There is no wonder to see why video marketing is very popular these days. For one thing, videos are easy to digest format which gives our eyes a pleasant experience from the overabundance of textual information. Probably, this is the main reason the world reportedly watches 1 billion hours of Youtube or Social videos per day. This is the main reason most of them are marketing videos for business


Here are some of the exciting highlights of Video Marketing:


why use video marketing for your business


increase engagement


Gets more Traffic, leads, and sales


Important video marketing tips


 Everything is fine, but how to create engaging videos with original content is the problem. These videos should impact your brand and include a strong call to action without spending hundreds of dollars. All these videos are to be very professional to attract the target audience or customers. Here are the few best video maker software



Finally, these video making tools, I personally recommend you for creating professional videos for your business, brand promotion, etc. If you want any technical help regarding these video tools. please do contact you. we will try our best to solve your problem. Last but not least i found helpful this article please share who are in need of these tools.



Is credit card needed to get a free trial on vidnami?

No, credit card is not needed to get a free trial on vidnami. You can use vidnami 100 % free for 14 days. You can also cancel the account at any time.