Doodle Maker Review with 30% instant Discount

by nikhilnaveen | Last Updated: October 21, 2020

Doodle maker Review with Discount

Doodle maker review


What is a Doodle maker?

Doodle maker review &  Features of Doodly maker Software

Custom images

The doodly maker offers you many thousands of professional images to use. Along with this It also offers you 200 + Unique characters. There is also the possibility to choose the background and with different props.

Easy Video Editing

The video editing is very easy to use in Doodle maker. You can edit the scenes, duplicate the scenes, and delete the scenes at every stage of the video.



Free tracks and voice over

After you make a Doodly maker video, you can be able to add sound slots to the video. There are two options available one is to add voiceovers and the other is to add background music. all these tracks may vary in number depending upon the package you choose. the tracks vary from 20 to 80 tracks respectively

Different Board styles

Distinct Hand Styles

It also offers you to choose Distinct hand styles. all these hand styles are of both real hand style and cartoon hand styles. It also has a special feature where users can choose a left-hand style or right-hand style

Custom Draw Paths
Using Doodle maker software, you can make custom draw paths where you can add any image to it. Later doodle maker makes the image look very natural and makes you feel that it was drawn here. You can also able to add scg and SVG images to this software

Converts any text to video
Doodle maker has one great feature If the user provides any input as the script/text. It will convert any of the text into a colorful video. Users can also select the preferred language

High quality and HD Videos
All the videos you create are HD videos. Doodle maker videos are having high quality so it can be suitable for any platform to upload. These videos definitely grab the attention of the audience

Multi-lingual and Multi Voices
Doodle maker can able to translate the video to nearly 60 different languages of your choice. along with that, you can be able to select 160 + human voice over to your Doodle maker video.

Photo to sketch converter
It has a special feature that when you upload a photo, you can be able to convert the photo to a beautiful sketch. It just seems like a natural sketch.

Photo background remover
Doodle maker uses Ai technology, so even when you upload a photo and want to remove the background of the image. You can easily remove the background in a single click. This is the best advantage of doodle maker.

  Who can Use Doodle maker Video?

Doodle maker has a lot many advantages. So it will be very useful for following categories of ECommerce industry, product promotion, Generation of leads & sales, affiliate marketing, online classes, offline and online marketing, teachers, content creators, digital marketers, online branding, Youtubers, education industry, agencies, social media platforms, traffic campaigns and many more.

Benefits of Doodle maker:-


Saves Time and money
Generally, you have to pay hundreds of dollars for a 90 seconds video. Or you have to hire experts to create whiteboard videos. Also, you have to wait for several days for the video. By using Doodle maker you can able to create a user-friendly whiteboard video for more than a couple of minutes. Thus it saves your time and money. Try Doodle maker Now !!

You can use Doodle maker on various Devices and platforms
Another advantage of a Doodle maker is that you can use it in on any number of devices you want. So it is very beneficial for the companies to use it. Remember that once you login to one account you have to logout. So that you can be able to login into another device. It supports both Windows and Mac platforms to use it.

Choose the Desired Output Quality
You can be able to choose any resolution of the video. The higher resolution of the video means the higher quality of the video and has a greater file size. In this way, you can opt for the desired output quality of the video.

Regular Updates
One of the special advantages of the Doodle maker is that it takes suggestions from the users and makes necessary changes to the software. In this way, the software updates frequently for the benefit of the Users or Customers.

Unlimited number of videos
You can be able to create an unlimited number of videos with 15 minutes duration. If you want video for more than 15 minutes. Then there is an option to attach multiple videos at a time.

30-day money-back guarantee
Doodle maker provides you a 30-day money-back guarantee. So that you need to worry about the software. If you are not satisfied with this you will get your money back within 30 days of time.


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