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wix premium plans

Wix premium plans

Wix is cloud based web development platform developed in Israeli. It  is established in the year 2006 by Israeli developer Avishai Abrahami .Wix allows to build and create HTML 5 websites and mobile sites.  In the year 2012 wix launched an app market for customers to sell their applications built with companies automated web development.  Users can also add functionality such as plug-ins, contact forms, online marketing, email marketing etc.The design for the websites  is simple as drag and drop tools. They also have multiple branches, some of them are united states, Canada, brazil, Germany, India are very popular.


Wix premium plans

Wix webiste offers a variety  and best features  of future plans. Users  must purchase the premium packages in order to  connect their website to own domains. It also offers  removing of wix adds along with access to form builder and and ecommerce capabilities or users can wish to extra  data storage and bandwidth too.

Wix also provides customizable website templates with drag and drop HTML 5 web site builder. This includes apps, graphics, image gallery , animations, various font and vectors. Users can also opt  to build their website from scratch. In the year 2013 wix also introduced a mobile editor which allows users to adjust their webite for mobile viewing.

WIX App market is the one of the best service offered by WIX. Here customers can integrate all the third party   applications into their  own websites. Some of them are photograph feeds, blogging , email marketing etc.

The Wix Premium Plans are divided into Website Plans and Business & eCommerce Plans. Website Plans have all the features you need to get your site up and running, whereas Business & eCommerce Plans

Benefits of using  wix premium plans

Wix premium plans offers removal of wix ads, user can connect to a personal domain. If the user faces any issue he/she can get support from wix technical team. Along with that they additionally provide storage and bandwidth etc.

There are mainly premium plans in WIx. They are website plan, business plan and Ecommerce plans.

Website plan

 In website plan users can have all the features like the site set-up and running  according to the users wish. Again website plan can be divided into 4 types.

a. Combo plan

In  combo plan you can connect to your own domain. You can also remove wix ads. In Combo plan users can get a 1 year free domain voucher on purchase of 1 year plan.Users can get 3 GB of data storage and 2 GB of bandwidth

b. Unlimited plan

Coming to unlimited plan,  customers can their own existing domain. They can also have to chance to remove WiX ads. Wix additionally provides 10 GB of data storage and with unlimited bandwidth. Another important benefit of unlimited plan is users can upload up to 1 hour of video. They also can get wix vouchers and premium apps on 1 year plan.

c.Pro plan

Coming to pro plan, one can connect to your own existing domain. They can remove wix ads and they can get of 20 GB of data storage and with unlimited bandwidth. Users can upload upto 2 hours of video . Additionally they also get wix premium apps and vouchers on purchase of  yearly plans. Here in pro-plan there is another advantage is they can get a professional logo and social media logo files

d.VIP plan

Coming to VIP plan, they are some additional benefits compared to other plans. VIP plan provides removal of wix ads. Users can connect to their own domains. They can get a 20 GB of data storage and with unlimited bandwidth. Customers can upload upto 2 hours of video. They can get vouchers and premium on  yearly plan. Along with they can get professional logo and with social media files. VIP users additionally get receive priority with full VIP support.


Business and Ecommerce Plans

Ecommerce plans have some extra features like accepting payments through your website. They can also use additional Wix Business App features. These Ecommerce plans are classified into many types. They are Business Basic Plan, Business Unlimited Plan and Business VIP plan

 Business Basic Plan

In Business Basic plan users can connect to their existing own domain. users can also remove WIX ads. They can get upto 20 GB of data storage with unlimited bandwidth. customers can also additional feature like accepting online payments. They can get wix vouchers and upload upto 5 hours of a video.  Another  advantage is they can track the traffic with Google analytics as well.

 Business Unlimited Plan

In Business unlimited plan , customers can use their own domain and they can remove WIX Ads. They can 35 GB of Data storage with unlimited bandwidth. It also have other features like accept online payments, WiX Vouchers and premium APPS on usage of yearly subscription. They can upload upto 10 hours of video. They can track with Google Analytics and additionally they can get get a professional logo and social media logo files as extra features as compared to business basic plan.

Business VIP Plan

In business VIP plan users have following features like remove WIX ads along with connect to your own existing domain. They can get upto 50 GB of data storage with unlimited bandwidth. Users  can also accept online payments. Customers can also get wix vouchers and premium plans on yearly subscription. They can get unlimited video hours and they can also track with Google Analytics. They can get a get a professional logo with the social media logo files.  Additionally they can also receive priority on VIP support.

Conclusion: Thus WIX is offering various features with advantages over various plans. So even you can build your own website without any technical knowledge required. In WIX website building is so simple. You can simply drag and drop the icons and build beautiful website. There is no need of any coding knowledge required. So this will helps you to promote your business in online with less cost and with best features. You can also use a hosting services from hostgator with best great coupons and deals

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